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BST Group of Companies

BST Group, steeped in history, operates BST Gemstones Trading LLC in Kashmir, birthplace of blue sapphires. They tokenize rare gems to link crypto assets to real-world value, fostering global social mobility. BST promotes value-based transactions and widespread digital asset use, making crypto safe and accessible. Through tokenization, they democratize access to valuable assets, creating the first e-Sapphire for fractional ownership and trading with real-life value.

Our Mission

BST Group revolutionizes asset management with blockchain technology, enhancing supply chain transparency and efficiency.

Our Vision

At Blue Sapphire Trading, we're transforming the precious stone industry with the BST Chain powerful tool ensuring transparent, secure, and efficient trading and tracking.

Introducing BST Chain

Our Key Features

Layer 1 Fourth Generation Hybrid Blockchain

Speed 1 LAC TPS

Consensus (POA)

Proof of Authority (ASSET)

EVM Based

DAPP Compitable

DAO Based

DAO Based

DAPP Compitable


BST Chain Roadmap

BST Coin pioneers decentralized finance for the precious stones and diamond industry, prioritizing transaction speed and asset valuation. Built on the advanced BST Chain, it offers a comprehensive solution for digital, physical and phygital asset transactions.


-Blue Sapphire Trading
-Economic Vision
-Concept Evolution
-Resource Allocations


-BST Gemstones Trading LLC -UAE
-BS Token Launch –Exchange Listing
-Commercial Enterprise Valuation
-BioSapphire Bracelets


-Asset Acquisition/Tokenomics
-Bst Chain/Dex
-Esapphire Global Launch
-First Metaverse Auction
-Blue Fashion Magazine


-Second Metaverse Auction 2024
-BST Nano-Ventures Ecosystem Launch
-BST Academy Dubai Campus
-V-Commerce Platform Dev
-Third Metaverse Auction 2025
-IBANIZED Digital Wallet


-Fourth Metaverse Auction 2026
-NeoBanking VISA/Master Cards
-Fifth Metaverse Auction 2027
-B2B Trade Finance Network Dev
-Sixth Metaverse Auction 2028

2029 -30

-DLT MeshNET Global Launch
-Seventh Metaverse Auction 2029
-E-Sapphire Global Ecosystem Growth
-Eighth Metaverse Auction 2030
-E-Sapphire Global Crypto Reserve


7.86 Billion Total Supply Of BSTC Coin

  • Founders

    20 %

  • Team & Managment

    10 %

  • Public & Exchanges Contributions

    45 %

  • Marketing & Promotional

    10 %

  • Advisors & Consultancy

    10 %

  • CSR

    5 %


Eco System and Utility

  • E- Sapphire

  • Smart Cities

  • Metaverse

  • Gemstone Industry

  • E-Commerce Platform

  • Shopping Malls

  • Gaming

  • Digital Payment Solutions

  • Neo Banking


7.86 Billion Total Supply Of BSTC Coin

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